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Stephanie Dulieu freelance animator and designer uk

Hi, I'm Stephanie, freelance animator and brand owner of Frilly Pops.  I like playing video games, watching movies and crafting anything I can try my hand at.

Frilly Pops is a kawaii clothing, jewellery and accessories brand which I created and solely run. I have a love for Japanese culture and kawaii which influences my style and designs. Recently I was awarded 'Best Pop Culture Collection 2017' at London Edge trade show! 

I'm a twin ! Me and Fiona are sisters from Grimsby, as kids we were always so creative; eventually we both ended up taking a degree in animation at Norwich University of the Arts. Because we are so close, we thought it would be a good idea to work together on our final film.

Therefore we made ' I Like to Bite ' it was officially selected and Screened at 2013's Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival and was nominated for the NAHEMI student award for Creative Filmmaking. Later nominated  for a new talent award at Animated Exeter 2014.







These days I do a lot of motion graphics and hand drawn work, making explainer animations in the corporate sector and for charities. I'm also creating a lot of graphics and marketing for Spoonable Spirits.

​If you like what you see and have any ideas or projects, contact me!I look forward to hearing from you.​​

Encounters short film and animation festival nomination
Animated Exeter animation festival nomination