Custom Pom Pom Earrings Order Form
Not all ideas can be made into pom poms, if your idea can't, do you have an alternative idea?

TERMS: This is a customs order form only, it does not gurentee your order. Your request will now be put on a waiting list, and when it is your turn you will be contacted further to confirm your final order and proceed to payment. You have the right to 'opt out' at this point. I have the right to refuse any request made. Please note that waiting times will vary massively, so please be aware that I can't necessarily 'make-to-order' in time for a specific date, although I will try to accommodate you. I make pom poms on my terms, this means if I have other commitments, for example, having animation work, I can not make pom poms. 

CONDITIONS: A custom order means: nothing I have made before (ie. nothing you've seen listed in my store). But can include, your pets, animals and fictional characters. 

Please note that not all pom pom ideas can be made into poms, I will have to deny some requests, sorry! Custom pom poms always come at a higher price, due to the fact they're custom made for you. These prices vary around £30-£40 + plus shipping. Please be aware before submitting, if you are not comfortable with this please do not submit your request. 
Although your custom poms will be designed for you, I have the right to remake your custom design later for resale, if so, please note, the price will never change.

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