I Like to Bite


April discovers a lonely creature in a mystical forest; she wants to be his friend but the creature would rather be left alone. He knows why April is there, and he has to wake her up.
'I Like to Bite' is our final degree animation which was made on a shoe string budget of £50, it was made with hand drawn animation mixed with live action puppeteering and stop motion.
 Fiona Dulieu and I, wrote, directed and animated the film, with an original soundtrack by Francesca Murray.
I Like to Bite was nominated for the NAHEMI Creative Film Making award at Encounters Short film and animation festival 2013.

And nominated for the New Talent Graduate award at Animated Exeter Film Festival 2014.


The White Light Creature was a character I imagined, designed and fully constructed for stop motion and puppeteering. I made 3 different version of the creature and he was able to be taken apart and restructured for different uses.
I then made a trailer titled 'The White Light Creature' as a prelude to 'I Like To Bite' using stop motion and hand drawn animation. 
I wanted to create a short animation describing more of who and what the White Light Creature is.


Behind the scenes - how it was made 

Hand-drawn animation with live action puppeteering and stop motion mixed media was a challenge, we created a video to show process of one short scene going through all the stages of production to the final edit.

Also a time lapse of the main large Creature puppet being made.